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Just to say what a wonderful website. I was browsing the web this morning because my son's girlfriend is writing a magazine article on fear of dying/the afterlife/reincarnation and wanted a Reiki Master's perspective on this. I was guided to your website and have read every section and referred her to it as well and she said that it was exactly what she had been looking for. Some of the stories and articles are truly inspirational.
With Love and Light
N.M., London, UK

have been interested in Reiki and hands-on healing for several years and have visited many websites on this and related topics. I was surprised to see such a developed site as yours and wanted to pass on that I find it rare for someone in the healing arts to have an online presence. I look forward to reading all the links on the afterlife, as I experienced the death of a loved one three years ago. I'm still grieving the loss and feel odd that I haven't 'gotten over it' yet. My beliefs on life after death are evolving since visiting your site and it is helping me deal with my grief. Thanks for the part you've played in that healing process.
S.H., Cary, N.C.

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