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You have such a friendly and informative site. I always appreciate it when I can get all the information I need quickly without having to hunt or get "lost." I especially enjoyed your moving story about Rebel under "Angels." Being an animal communicator, it is always nice to hear animals getting the recognition they deserve and their people seeing the way it really is! Also, I really enjoyed taking the Reiki 1st Degree from you, and I eagerly look forward to the 2nd.
Peace and Presence,
M.B. Durham, NC 

After viewing your website I first noticed the peaceful sense of tranquility I felt. Beautifully illustrated both with color and animation; ie. astral birds in flight on the blue sky of clouds, and pictures of nature enticed me to view more.

With thoughtful organization of material and presented as easy to find facts and definitions of terms, the extensive references on books and associations were helpful.

My favorite part were your thoughts on the afterlife that would be comforting to anyone who needs reassurance that their loved ones are not gone but their love is with them always.

Thank you for sharing how you discovered Reiki, and what it has meant to your life.

I feel anyone interested in learning about Reiki and how they can bring Reiki healing in their life could learn from this website from a Reiki/ Master Teacher who can convey the warmth, caring, and love which is the foundation of Reiki....Unconditional Love in its purest form.
Morrisville, NC

Sunday took me by surprise!  I was not expecting the things that have started in my life. It has taken some time for me to just come to terms with it. I feel like the world is new and I am loving it. Just know that I feel like I am communicating with God on a personal level right now. Thank you. This has been a blessing and is what I needed in my life. Thank you again. I just can't explain all that I am feeling. C. H., Garner, N.C.
Your class was very educational and uplifting. I still have flashes of some of the things I saw when you were doing the attunements. The other amazing thing is that I sometimes see a white glow around people. A while back I would experience this, but now it happens without trying. It just happens out of nowhere. I want to work on that as well, to see what else is there beyond the naked eye. M. H., Durham, N.C.
Thanks, Michael, NC

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